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List of registered Wiki Administrators

Some users in this Wiki have administration power. This means they can delete pages, block users and so on.


Administrators can change content in a way that the normal Wiki does not allow, for example to delete pages altogether. Deleted pages can be undeleted but they do not appear in searches and when called without additional parameters they are blank. Administrators only delete pages with redundant or deprecated content or simple Spam. This is a tricky issues, especially in social and large public Wikis like Wikipedia where there are many many sometimes quite contrary opinions on one topic. As this Wiki is a rather technical place and there are only a handful of regular editors who know each other fairly well the administrators' job is not a difficult one.


The bureaucrats' only job is to add or remove users from groups.


The third role "bots" is given to machines. They do cleaning up and checking tasks. Currently there are no bots active on the Mapbender Wiki.

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