2009-09-25 to 27 Mapbender Development Sprint

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Mapbender developers' meeting in Linuxhotel in Essen


This Development Sprint was be sponsored by FOSSGIS e.V., the official repesentative of the German language Local Chapter of OSGeo. Thanks to our sponsor!



Goal: Release Mapbender 2.7 rc1 and significantly reduce the amount of work for further releases

Time Friday Saturday Sunday
Release 2.7 Security
Trunk Online
Afternoon Welcome Departure
Roles, Release Owner Testing
Roadmap and Strategy Automizing testing
Brainstorming on Strategy Brainstorming on Strategy
  • Redesign Mapbender Print
  • Install Script
  • Unit Testing
  • Release Mapbender 2.7 rc1 (doing)
  • Mapstraction
  • Security (4h) Uli Rothstein, Christoph Baudson, ...
  • Release process (4h) Astrid Emde, Thomas Baschetti, Christoph Baudson, ...
  • Strategy on WMS-T, the first test servers are out now. How to proceed?
  • Strategic discussion on the Mapbender roadmap
  • please add topics


Links to Blog, Report and Pictures

What we did

Programming during the day ... Image:Mapbender_dev_essen_09_programming.jpg

... until late at night ... Image:Mapbender_dev_essen_09_night.jpg

... lots of discussion and ... Image:Mapbender_dev_essen_09_nice_weekend.jpg

... having a nice weekend.

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