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Some of you may have problems saving changes within the Mapbender administration. This is not a Mapbender problem. It can be caused by Suhosin, as Suhosin defines limits for example for number of POST variables, maximum length of arrays or maximum length of values.

What is Suhosin?

Suhosin is an open source patch for PHP. "The goal behind Suhosin is to be a safety net that protects servers from insecure PHP coding practices." In some Linux distributions (notably Debian and Ubuntu) it is shipped by default.

What can you do? You can deactivate Suhosin to run the simulation mode:

suhosin.simulation = on

In simulation mode violations are logged as usual, but nothing is blocked.

The log-messages will tell you which violations take place and you can increase the parameters.

It may be necessary to increase the following parameters:


Set PHP variable

max_input_vars = 5000 (default is 1000 which may be not enough for WMS with many layers)

see also

Find out more about the parameter at:

After changes you have to restart your apache

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